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Performance assessments are focused on increasing knowledge and self-awareness. Assessments provide a behavioral mirror to help people see themselves as they really are and identify their strengths as well as developmental gaps. Our assessments help you see how others perceive you and how you can best work with people with different behavioral styles.

The following provides an overview of some of the assessment instruments that MGD Enterprises uses to help individuals and teams dramatically enhance their performance.

DISC Assessment

This assessment provides a detailed report for people to examine their behavioral styles both on and off the job. It helps people identify areas of potential stress due to their work environment and understand how to best communicate and interact with others with different behavioral styles. The DISC assessment leads to improved management competencies and team building skills.

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Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values (PIAV)

The PIAV identifies the values that drive an individual's behavior. It creates self-awareness of the reasons why we do what we do. By understanding your values and strengths you can better align yourself with corporate and team values and goals. The PIAV assessment is valuable to help plan and staff for change initiatives and new projects. It can also be used for career counseling.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality inventory that helps people to understand their personality preferences, particularly with respect to what drives them, how they process information, how they make decisions, and their behavioral styles. Individuals increase self-knowledge and self-awareness and relate more effectively to others. Managers learn how to relate to and manage people differently and more effectively.

360-degree Assessment

The 360-degree assessment is a powerful tool for providing feedback and helping an individual improve the primary competencies required for optimal performance.

The 360-degree Assessment offers a full-spectrum view of a person's on-the-job performance from the perspective of up to 10 people; e.g., boss, peers, self, direct reports, customers. The 360 illuminates other people's perceptions and is widely used for management and leadership development.

The 360 assessment gives senior executives and human resource professionals insight into performance strengths and deficiencies. This information allows the organization to target development resources and gain the greatest return on investment dollars.


Surveys are valuable and effective tools for performing individual or organizational diagnostics.  Organizational surveys diagnose the internal climate of an organization, employee engagement, human capital at the aggregate level, the effectiveness of training or other interventions, and customer satisfaction, to name a few.  Individual surveys diagnose human capital at the individual level, leadership skills, and other functional competencies such as sales, customer service, IT, etc. Individual surveys are used for many purposes including decisions to hire, promote, and assess training needs or mastery.

Surveys will be customized for your unique needs by our industry partner, Applied Skills & Knowledge.

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