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Customer Service

Delivering excellent customer service begins with a positive mind set. When employees partner with internal and external customers, there is less stress and more collaboration and satisfaction on both sides of the transaction.

MGD Enterprises' Customer Service workshops attain behavior change because participants understand that everyone—employees, customers, and the organization—benefits from the use of customer service skills. Each workshop is customized with scripts, role plays, and case studies that are industry and job specific.

Participant manuals include self-assessments, checklists, and work related examples. Workshops are interactive and high-energy, designed to hold the interest of participants. On the job assignments and commitments to behavior change ensure ongoing practice, reinforcement, and application of skills.

MGD Enterprises works extensively with frontline and operations employees, supervisors, and managers in call centers, healthcare, transportation, financial services, consumer products, warehouse management, and various other industries to achieve the goal of exceptional service delivery.

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