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Customized Curriculums

We will build a customized curriculum to meet your training needs over the course of an extended time period

Workshops can be modularized and delivered in full or partial day sessions. Assignments are built in for application of skills, and reinforcement from session to session.

Sample curriculum

A not-for-profit organization wanted to provide leadership skills for new supervisors. They could only release staff for ½ day sessions, and targeted specific outcomes for the initial workshops.

MODULE 1: Introspection and Expectations

Participants probe their feelings about being promoted to supervision. They identify the expectations they have of upper management, their immediate manager, peers, and people who report to them. They also look at the expectations that these groups have of them. Their assignment is to share these lists with the appropriate group for clarification and confirmation.

MODULE 2: Transitions and Relationships

Participants identify the changes that occur in roles, tasks, and relationships when one is promoted into management. They assess their supervisory strengths and areas of development. Realistic strategies and shared and practiced.

MODULE 3: LEAD/Situational Leadership

Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership theory is the basis of the LEAD tool used to identify one’s preferred leadership style. LEAD shows participants how to employ each leadership/management style based on the needs of the employee by taking a close look at behavior based on two dimensions: task and emotional support. Once this model is learned and adhered to, it provides a map to lead and manage based on employee readiness.

MODULE 4: DISC Assessment and Communication

The DISC Assessment, a widely utilized communication tool, examines how people communicate and behave both in their work environment and personal life. A 20-minute, on-line assessment is administered and participants receive a 24-page, personalized report highlighting their behavioral and communication styles. Participants become aware of their own style and are encouraged to show tolerance and flex to the styles of others.

MODULE 5: Effective Listening Skills

Participants have an in-depth learning experience in the underutilized communication skill of listening. They leave with an understanding of the need for managers to use attentive and reflective listening. Practice is provided through exercises and role plays.

MODULE 6: Coaching and Delegating

Coaching and Delegating integrates models and skills from the LEAD, DISC, and Listening workshops to provide participants with the confidence needed to conduct one-on-one sessions with employees to improve performance (coaching) or assigning work (delegating.) Participants will communicate clear expectations and provide feedback while treating staff with respect and care.

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